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A special initiative of My Big Brand Story to discuss unique narratives and interesting brand stories. Share your unique brand story with us and we will feature it here.

Every brand has a unique story to tell. We want to help create yours.

What makes your brand story unique? Is it your innovation, your unique initiative which is challenging the norms, or your contribution to a global cause. What sets you apart is what makes you attractive.

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What is so special about ConFab

Our extensive process of finding and creating the best brand stories is not just a lot of hard work, but it is some fun too. Storytellers need a platform, and ConFab provides one. We are crafting the best and the most exciting brand journeys.

It’s essential to have a story that people can understand and connect with. Brand Storytelling is an art; who else knows it better than us.

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We choose authentic stories

Brand Stories that are going to kill it will become part of Confab’s portfolio.

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No fluff, only serious stuff

Your brand story must inspire an emotional reaction and trigger response.

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Confab is an initiative powered by My Big Brand Story to bring the untold brand stories to the mainstream. Yes, our processes are extensive, but we make it super easy for you.

If your brand story has meat, it surely is going to make it big. Just share your story, and rest leave it to us.

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