10 Benefits of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

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The marketplace, as we knew it a decade ago, has completely transformed into a digital marketplace, with the constant improvements in technology. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct online research before buying a product/service. Another survey by Tech Crunch reports that 79% of the people shop for products/services online. Startups and small businesses are quickly realizing that the only way to reach out to these consumers is through digital marketing.

Most small businesses are now looking for digital advertising solutions to compete with established businesses and large corporates. Digital marketing when compared to traditional marketing is more cost-effective and efficient. Read more about Why Digital Marketing Scores Over Traditional Marketing?

Top benefits of digital advertising solutions:

Digital advertising solutions are becoming more and more popular as technology dictates a major part of our lives. Digital marketing is the present and future of marketing and small businesses and startups have to make the most of it if they want to succeed. We have combined a list of 10 benefits that digital marketing has to offer for startups and small businesses. Make a note of these and use them for establishing and scaling up your own business. Here it goes:

1. Low cost:

The allocation of the marketing and advertising budget is the biggest burden on a small business. While large corporations and established businesses would have no problem, shelling out large amounts, small businesses have to look for cost-effective alternatives. Utilizing digital advertising solutions, small businesses can make the most of digital marketing without having to spend an extravagant amount.

According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing spend report,”40% of businesses reported considerable savings generated from using digital marketing” and “28% of businesses will switch their advertising budget allocations from traditional to digital channels”. Digital advertising solutions are the most cost-effective and easy to use.

2. Targets the desired segment:

You can select the demographics to target the right segment of the audience. You can target the customers based on age, location, interest, and other factors. Social media platforms use algorithms that compare preferences and digital footprint of the customers and specific ads, specially tailored for them are shown.

With digital advertising solutions, you can ensure that your ads are in the right place, reaching out to the right customers. SEO allows you to reach out to the customers looking for you, searching the web for content relevant to your business.

3. Can be easily measured:

You can be certain whether a digital campaign is successful or otherwise as it can be tracked and measured easily. Digital advertising solutions help you track the visitors’ traffic, CTR(click-through rate), time spent on the website, etc.

Several digital marketing tools are available which help in the analysis of the campaign, and based on your analysis, you can tweak the campaign as and when you like. Not just for small businesses, but it works for all types of businesses. Read more about How Digital Marketing Works For Every Type Of Business?

4. Allows customers to interact and engage:

Along with the establishment and promotion of a brand, digital marketing also helps the customers to freely interact with the business and its content. Digital advertising solutions provide the ability to start a conversation, run a survey, get the customers’ opinions in the comments, etc. You can understand your customers better by allowing them to interact with you and your content.

This gives the small businesses the power to use their resources more effectively to provide their customers the solutions they’re looking for.

5. Builds brand reputation:

Digital marketing can be used to create and manage a relationship with the customers. A well-developed website, a quality blog with useful and relevant information, a social media channel that is highly interactive, overall will help you build brand reputation.

6. Provides better ROI:

Return on investment is an important metric for any organization. It is nothing but the cost of implementing something versus the resulting outcomes from the implementation. When a small business invests capital into digital marketing, the resulting return on investment is higher when compared to traditional marketing.

With digital marketing, small businesses can generate more traffic, which leads to higher leads and sales which will eventually yield a better ROI.

7. Highly adaptable:

Digital advertising solutions are extremely flexible. The major concern for any business running a marketing campaign is,” Is everything running alright and working out?” With digital marketing, you don’t have to wait until the campaign is over to analyze and make the necessary adjustments. With traditional marketing, you have to spend a lot of money to make adjustments and often have to wait for the campaign to end.

8. Helps you connect with mobile customers:

Smartphone users in India are estimated to be 760 million. Google’s estimated mobile search volume is at 3.4 billion searches per day. Whether you desire it or not, creating a marketing strategy for the mobile device is critical. Utilizing digital advertising solutions for mobile can help you reach potential customers on a large scale. Mobile marketing is ‘the big thing’ right now and all small businesses need to make the most of it.

9. Results in higher conversions:

Digital advertising solutions for small businesses help in tracking online conversions. Reach out to target audience, generate proper leads, and achieve as much as 24% increase in online conversion rates. Digital marketing helps small businesses understand the percentage of traffic that turned into subscribers, leads, and deals. Several digital strategies help in increasing the traffic:

10. Levels the playing field:

Digital advertising solutions provide avenues to small businesses to fairly compete with large corporations and established businesses. Digital marketing enables businesses to reach out to a large audience and interact with them effectively. 3 characteristics of digital marketing that provides a level playing field:

      • Helps in performing large scale sales and marketing processes
      • Helps in engaging with multiple customers without the need for a call center
      • Conversions are cost-effective


Living in a digital world, small businesses and startups need to understand the major benefits of digital marketing. Digital advertising solutions are a key to success for any organization in current times. Understanding and implementing digital strategies to compete with large multinationals and corporates is the way forward for small businesses. Focusing on your core business and not having the time to implement digital advertising solutions on your own? Read more about Top 10 reasons why startups need digital marketing.

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