Why is YouTube marketing important for small businesses?

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Yeah, yeah, by now we all know YouTube advertising has its artful finger in every marketing pie in the world! So, in our equally artful(!) blog we thought we will instead focus on showcasing some heartening real-world videos plucked from the internet on how big advertising agencies are milking YouTube to reach the multitude. So, if you are a small fish in the pond (so far) – a lot is in here for you to get inspired from! We’ve also handing out to you, some hands-on illustrations of our own My Big Brand Story, to give you a practical sense of how it’s done.

Successful stories of YouTube marketing by big companies.

The icing on the cake is…without mimicking the expansive marketing budgets of the big guns, small businesses can create equally imaginative videos at a very, very low cost. Here’s how the best marketing services have raked up millions of views and shares on YouTube- 

1. Intel – emotions inside

Shubham Banerjee. Asked for donations for the blind. Ponders. Does a bit of tinkering. Out leaps an affordable braille printer. And oh…..he’s 13 years old.

Made by Intel’s in-house advertising agency, this YouTube commercial lapped up a million views, showcasing the company’s idea of how people’s lives can be improved by using Intel technology. Heck, people are more likely to buy from a business who shows they care, right?

2. Dove’s real beauty

YouTubers went hammer and tongs at this moving attempt by Dove’s advertising agency to drive home the point that women are often overly critical of their looks and are actually more beautiful than they think. A self-booster shot, if you will! Another example of how YouTube marketing can be leveraged to connect emotionally with society – a form of virality that never fails.

3. Burger King’s bullying

Yes, you read it right! The advertising agency for Burger King dreamt up a strong social campaign on YouTube and how! Spurring people to speak up against bullying, this emotional video showcases how people mutely watch while youngsters are being bullied, but come out all guns blazing the second they see their precious burger being mauled! The burger giants emotively used the YouTube platform to portray their sensitive side by taking a stout stand against ignoring people being bullied in public places.

4. Maybelline: swayed by the sage!

One word from the wise… might just earn you bundles of followers. Maybelline used 15 YouTube influencers (better known as beauty vloggers!) to branch out to new audiences. These beauty gurus with their already-existing followers, racked up over 1.4 million clicks, spreading the good word of Maybelline! (Hint – You can rope in the services of a YouTube influencers agency to do your influencing).

5. Ice Bucket Challenge – splash or splurge!

If ever a testament was needed on how a good cause, when coupled with some unusual entertainment, can create universal interest and ultimately millions of funds, the Ice Bucket Challenge on YouTube is just the thing for you. Started to promote awareness and donations of the ALS disease, these theatrical videos of dumping icy cold water on people’s head, simply flooded social media, raising over $220M worldwide. Not exactly made by an YouTube advertising agency of a biggie company per se, but by using celebrities and regular people tagging and challenging each other, made the videos felt personal, raking millions of views across every social media platform. 

6. Nike’s just done it

And then an actual 8-episode series on YouTube! A marketing gimmick to end all marketing gimmicks! Nike walked in, created an original series centring around two sisters, adorned with all sorts of Nike merchandise like shoes, workout gear, etc, motivating followers to work out (and perhaps visit Nike stores too!). A brainwave by their YouTube marketing agency, no?

Successful stories of YouTube marketing by small businesses.

And now for some homegrown stories whipped up by My Big Brand Story’s own marketing agency by exploiting YouTube to good use.

1. Covid mayhem!

Imagine the chaos! People asking for help. Volunteers desperate to help. But no common platform in sight. What next?

YouTube’s a great leveller…oh ok, with a little prod by My Big Brand Story too! That’s Project Sambhav for you. Roping in our Data Analytics and Data Science capabilities, we made sense of the scattered data on social media, drummed up a common avenue for those who were hunting help and those who were wanting help. A good example of some productive YouTube marketing. Bridges built. Numerous reached. 

2. So that’s how they started their brand?! What a heart-warming story! Hmm…looks like these guys will understand my brand better…

Get it? Stories make the world more exciting! Any statistic, any pitch, enveloped in a story, makes it a more interesting information than just plain old hard facts! Humanizing your stories will help your customers remember and connect with you more. Who knows better than us?! – My Big Brand Story fashioned an exclusive platform called ConFab, where brands can narrate their unique stories through its YouTube channel and other avenues and make customers fall in love with them.

3. Throw on, don’t throw out! 

That’s right! Don’t you dare dispose out all those plastic bags, PET bottles, chips packets, and the rest of that what-not! Nandan Bhat, Founder of Ecokaari, an eco-friendly start-up, is here to turn these wastes into handcrafted delights like tote bags, handbags, etc. We, at My Big Brand Story, continue to nudge him along on this earthly journey, by YouTubing his work to greener pastures! You too can hire a YouTube video marketing company and go berserk in tom-tomming your offerings.

People also ask

  1. How can YouTube marketing help small businesses stand out from the competition?

    YouTube allows small businesses to differentiate themselves by providing a visual and interactive platform. High-quality videos can establish credibility and trust, setting your business apart from competitors.

  2. What types of content can small businesses create on YouTube?

    Small businesses can create a variety of content, including product demonstrations, how-to videos, customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, educational content, and even entertaining videos related to their industry.

  3. How can YouTube videos boost SEO for small businesses?

    YouTube is owned by Google, and videos hosted on YouTube often appear in search results. By optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, small businesses can improve their online visibility and SEO rankings.

  4. Can YouTube marketing help small businesses connect with their target audience?

    Yes, YouTube allows small businesses to engage with their target audience on a personal level. Viewers can like, comment, and share videos, fostering a sense of community and interaction.

  5. Is YouTube marketing cost-effective for small businesses?

    Yes, YouTube marketing can be cost-effective. Creating and uploading videos to YouTube is free, and you can choose how much to invest in promoting your videos through advertising if desired.

  6. What are some best practices for small businesses starting with YouTube marketing?

    Best practices include creating high-quality, engaging content, maintaining a consistent posting schedule, optimizing video metadata, interacting with viewers through comments, and promoting videos on other social media platforms and websites.


Videos, with their high entertainment value, rank high on all social media. Big or small, you just cannot do without YouTube. This video giant is a ripper!

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