How is social media marketing important for small businesses?

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At your wits’ end figuring out whether Twitter or Facebook ads for small business can really put you in the public eye? Here’s how they do!

Social media advantages for small businesses

Ever wondered how David trounced his Goliath?! We believe small, agile companies, with their adaptable weapons for age-old battles, can often come out triumph over big, inflexible businesses:

1. Very economical

No flashy hoarding needed. Just that good, old-hand gizmo. A sure-fire way of bringing brand awareness right at your customer’s fingertips at low cost. Almost all social media is free. Even the paid ones are easy on the pocket. Facebook ads for small businesses never had it so easy!

2. Community focused

Love thy neighbour. Small businesses tend to adhere to this maxim more ardently. Most of them are so largely involved in their communities that out springs a deep connection with them. As a small business owner, you tend to know all the ins and outs of your existing customers, allowing you to mould your offering as per these demographics – their age, income, preferences, etc. And so, your Instagram and Facebook ads for small business can be more aptly aimed at existing customers and potential audiences.

3. Personalized attention

Imagine a Facebook ad for a small business –

Customer: Hi. I would like to book an appointment at your beauty parlour!
You: Sure! You always book for 4pm on Saturdays. Would you like me to book the same time-slot?
Customer: Yes! That’ll be great!

How’s that for making your customer feeling cared for?! A personal response ever so quick, warm and direct. Easier for small businesses to dole out and highly appreciated by your customers.

Why Is social media marketing important for small businesses?

social media marketing

A drive-in to your website? Yes. Build customer curiosity? Absolutely! Keep a small eye on your competition? Why do you even ask?!  Take a further gander at how Instagram and Facebook ads for small businesses can strengthen your reach further into the market:

1. Covid push to Facebook ads for small business

Huge, huger, hugest!
As if social media wasn’t already a big fish, the Covid pandemic has now ballooned it further! You have people plunging online not only for personal and business reasons, but they are now bringing their office online too. Hey ho! What a time to get your offerings in front of them!

2. Quick feedback for your product

‘Hear ye, hear ye! These guys aren’t great!’
Or……’they’re awesome!’

Imagine the catastrophic repercussions of a veto against your dear offerings! Alternatively, you can also receive a big thump on your back! Either way, it takes no time nowadays for customers to express their feedback on all your YouTube and Facebook ads. This provides an instant opportunity to resolve complaints and also gets a measure of your success.

3. A stand-in for Customer Service

Now, now! We aren’t telling you to axe your CS Department! Just that your Facebook ads for small business can be used for customer service as well. Quench those inquiries, respond politely to all those grumbles and build a stronger relationship with your customers. This will go far in avoiding that catastrophe we were talking about!

4. Builds your online image

Captivating logo… riveting narrative… cover photo… active customer engagement…… all help in swelling your online image. Let Facebook ads tell your story that makes your small business sit pretty in your customers’ eyes.

5. Team up with other businesses

A classic example of – you scratch my back, I scratch yours! Bunking-up with other non-competing companies to cross-promote each other’s products, is often embraced by small businesses, say, in their Instagram or Facebook ads. Sharing each other’s social media profiles, throwing out a combined contest, creating thrilling giveaways, are convenient and innovative ways of furthering your reach, far and wide! Naturally, make certain both of you focus on the same demographics!

6. Measurable marketing used by small business

Are your Facebook Ads working? Is Twitter better for you or is YouTube raking in the moolah? Is your CTA (call to action) really bringing in some action? Small companies are all smartly using these marketing tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to determine where they should invest their money, time and effort, rather than just wildly going on a promotional rampage.

Tips for using social media for small business:

We have jotted down some tips for you on how to run your social media for your business. We have cited our own examples below, (no, we’re not being presumptuous!) but rather to give you a more practical sense of our guidance.

1. Don’t use your Facebook ads to blatantly promote your business.

Now wouldn’t that be brazen?! Pepper your posts with direct promotions here and there, but focus on adding value through useful content like advice, insights, how-tos and industry updates which will help build relations over time and promote you indirectly.

2. Get yourself hashtagged!

Be discovered! Using hashtags in your Twitter and Facebook account will help your small business be seen by new people. You can also rat-a-tap-tap into trending topics that are related to your business.

3. Add striking media

A post without any image or video? Please spare us all! Nothing shuns away readers more than a post with just some borin’ ol’ text. Sprinkle your Facebook ads with peppy media that brings your small business smartly into focus.

4. Share personal photos from your business

Show office celebrations, events, décor, anything that puts a face to your brand. Humanize your Facebook ads! Make them fall in love with your brand!

People also ask

  1. Can social media marketing help small businesses compete with larger companies?

    Yes, social media levels the playing field. Small businesses can effectively compete with larger companies by creating compelling content, engaging with their audience, and leveraging targeted advertising.

  2. How can social media marketing benefit a small business’s online presence?

    Social media platforms allow small businesses to establish a strong online presence by regularly sharing content, interacting with followers, and showcasing their brand’s personality and values.

  3. Which social media platforms are most effective for small businesses?

    The choice of platforms depends on the target audience. Popular platforms for small businesses include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It’s important to research where your audience spends their time.

  4. Is social media marketing cost-effective for small businesses?

    Yes, social media marketing can be very cost-effective. Many social media platforms offer free accounts, and you can choose to allocate a budget for paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

  5. Can social media marketing help small businesses generate leads and sales?

    Yes, social media marketing can drive leads and sales by promoting products or services, sharing promotions or discounts, and using targeted advertising to reach potential customers.


Telling your own story to others is great, but customers are also interested in knowing how you can help them in their story. Either way, social media is your man Friday.

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